In June 2015, Nantong Yihua Plastic Co., Ltd. distributor seminar

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2015-09-28 09:54

On June 15, 2015, our company held an annual dealer symposium at Nantong Atrium International Hotel.

Through the return visit of the forum, we can understand the customers' quality requirements and suggestions for our products. Discover business opportunities, further improve product quality, and improve service levels to achieve customer drive.

Mr. Chen Jian, general manager of   , said that our company will integrate customer opinions and suggestions into future product innovation and service enhancements, and further provide good services to our customers.

Distributors in Nantong area were invited to this symposium. Distributors spoke enthusiastically. On the basis of their recognition of our company's overall service work, they put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on business process improvement, product quality improvement, and speed up of abnormal handling. Suggest.

Mr. Ding Binhai, Chairman of Nantong Yihua Plastics Co., Ltd., and Mr. Chen Jian, General Manager, lead the heads of relevant functional departments to actively interact with customers and communicate enthusiastically.

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