The head of science and technology town of Tongzhou District, Nantong City visited our company to guide the work

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2012-10-16 18:34

On October 16, the mayor of Tongzhou District led a group of science and technology mayors from Wuhan University, Hohai University, Soochow University, Xiamen Jimei University, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology and other famous universities to our company for guidance. During the meeting, President Chen of our company introduced the basic situation of the company, product details, and the company's development in the past two years to the science and technology mayor. After hearing this, the district mayor highly affirmed our company's achievements. The district mayor said that in the past two years in such a sluggish environment, Yihua can still achieve an annual growth rate of 10%. It is the fact that Yihua Plastics has been committed to technological innovation to achieve such results. This is commendable. . At the same time, the mayor also emphasized that he hopes that Yihua can make full use of the technology platform built by the government to achieve a further leap. If difficulties are raised in a timely manner, the government will give Yihua strong support to allow the company to make strides forward in an environment of continuous technological innovation.

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